Essay on Health Problems Caused By Smoking

Essay on Health Problems Caused By Smoking

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The government should pass legislation for the permanent ban of cigarette manufacturing, and sales due to the various health problems caused by smoking. Smoking cigarettes not only causes major health problems but it also causes cosmetic problems. Lung cancer is one of the most vicious cancers around and it is caused by long term smoking. Smoking causes yellowing of the teeth and skin, it also causes premature wrinkles and speeds up the growth of facial hair in women. Smoking has also been related to amputation of limbs in people who smoke. Smoking also contributes to the slow healing process in people with diabetes.
First, smoking can cause at least twelve different cancers, the deadliest of the twelve being lung cancer. The filthy habit of smoking cigarettes is the leading risk factor in not only developing this horrible disease, but eventually and inevitably dying from it. In addition to lung cancer one who smokes may also be diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) or asthma. COPD and asthma both affect the lungs by making it hard to breath. While, asthma does not initially come from smoking it certainly makes having it worse. Having either COPD or asthma really depletes one’s everyday life by making a simple walk to the store or up a flight of stairs almost impossible to do. These two diseases alone can possibly make one a prisoner to his or her own house.
Second, cigarette smokers run a high risk and are more likely to get type 2 diabetes. Developing type 2 diabetes is almost 50% higher for smokers than for non- smokers. Smoking with diabetes can and will lead to other complications. For example, kidney disease is at an all-time high among diabetic smokers. In most cases kidney disease leads to dialysis tr...

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...t will also improve the quality of life for all of society. Imagine walking down the street and not one person blowing that funky smoke all around or stepping in a crowded elevator and not one person smells of fire or burnt paper. Imagine no more yellow, brown or missing teeth due to gum disease brought on by the nasty habit of smoking. Visualize all the positive changes that can possibly come about with more education and awareness on the matter of smoking cigarettes. This country is going to continue being in bad shape if the government does not step in and extinguish a lot of the filthy habits that it smoking, and give children the opportunity to live long, full, and healthy allowing the citizens to continue practicing. Cigarette manufacturing and sales should be banned immediately and permanently to totally wipe out various health problems brought on by

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