The Health Problem Of Obesity Essay

The Health Problem Of Obesity Essay

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“Last night, I experienced something new, an extraordinary meal from a singularly unexpected source,”by Anton Ego who has commented about food after he enjoys the meal that is made by Linguini in film Ratatouille. As Ego says the charm of food is huge, and there is no way to resist the temptation of food for people.When people enjoy food at the same time the body will appear some health problems. For example, there are heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other diseases. For Americans, the most obvious health problem is obesity. The cause of obesity is not merely that the Americans love of desserts, making the choice of food, lifestyles, as well as social and economic factors are affecting changes in body weights.
Making the choice of diet is critical because healthy food has low calories, which can help most people lose weight; nevertheless, processed food may let people have an unbalanced nutrition of intake. In Wikipedia, health food means it’s benefited for people to get nutrition and has strong bodies through a healthy diet, and processed food is produced in factories. In the Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan states that in order to earn more profits, factories or businesses choose high-fructose corn syrup, which leads the source of sweetness in Americans’ diets and cheaper than natural sugar. (Michael Pollan, 93) Behind the cheap goods, there is indeed a great health hazard. Although processed food can be more flavorful, there are all kinds of additives will be added into it. Also, extra chemical additives are difficult for people to absorb. Including more added saturated fats, over additives cause Americans become obese. On the supermarket of this promotion also supports for people 's choice. Inexpensiv...

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...In conclusion, there are many causes of obesity for Americans, but not just do exercise can solve the problem of obesity. When they make choices of food, it should understand the food at the first time. For example, processed food causes many fattiness which accumulates in bodies, although the food surely has attractive flavors. Healthy food contains abundant nutrition, but people need more time to prepare their healthy diets. Nevertheless, people make decisions on food by themselves. People need to rethink their eating diets and health. Between delicious food which may be unhealthy and the food with high nutritional value but may not have good taste, people really need to make a right choice which also respects for their physical health. If they can keep nutritional balance and have a rational daily schedule of work or rest, they will own strong and healthy bodies.

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