The Health Problem Of Hiv / Aids Essay

The Health Problem Of Hiv / Aids Essay

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A health problem is a state in which a person is unable to function normally without pain, it can also be known as ill health or unhealthiness. Nigeria is a developing country whose health sector is severely lacking. Nigeria has a lot of health problems but some of the major health problems are Malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. However, the health problem which will be discuss is HIV/AIDS. HIV which is human immune deficiency virus which attacks the body immune system therefore interfering the body ability to fight off other virus bacteria or pathogens while AIDS which is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, this is the chronic and more life threatening form of the viral infection.
Commonly it is thought that HIV is transmitted through sexual behaviors but it can also be transmitted through needles, syringes and the breast milk of an infected mother. Body fluids like blood, semen, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids and breast milk from an infected person can transmit this viral infection but saliva and sweet have not be found to be able to transmit this viral infection. Nigeria population is 160 million where the HIV prevalence 3.2% of the population which is about 3.5 million people living with HIV. Within the 3.5 million people 60% of them are women, 25% are children who are mostly orphans and the remain 15% are men, they women and the men are within the ages of 15-49 years. The first case of HIV in Nigeria was reported in 1989 which had a prevalence of 1.8% after that year it increase and had it highest peak in 2001 at about 6% prevalence rate after the rate of 1.8% in 1989 the prevalence rate has not gone below 3% till present. Although about 3.5 million people are affect only 20% of this population have access to antiretroviral...

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...s underfunded, therefore new site location cannot be constructed. However, even if money is allocated to HIV the money is never put to use because of how heavily corrupted the system is where the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer thereby left to wallow in poverty and sickness.
The HIV/AIDS problem should be address by the people in power which is the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria. The people who work in the ministry are respond for the health and well-being of the population both the poor, rich, young and old. Although the cost and time of eradicating HIV/AIDS in Nigeria is expensive and long but if the ministers of health are willing to work together with the help of NGO from other developed countries putting the well-being and health of the population first, slowly but surely they will be able to drastically reduce the prevalence of HIV in Nigeria.

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