Health Organization 's Policies On Baby Formula Promotion Essay

Health Organization 's Policies On Baby Formula Promotion Essay

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Nestlé and their contribution to infant malnourishment in third world countries

Every company faces ethical dilemmas in their dealings with customers and conducting business in multiple companies adds to the difficulty in adopting ethical models that conform to nation’s policies throughout the world. Nestlé, known for their chocolate and confections also holds a large share in the breast milk substitute or formula market and in the past few decades has been under sever scrutiny for the ethics employed in the advertisement and distribution of formulas in third world countries. For one employee’s opinion the company crossed an ethical and moral line by bribing healthcare workers into promoting free samples of their product in order to secure a stable market for their formulas, specifically in third world countries. Syed Hussain left the company and blew the whistle on company practices provoking and all out boycott of Nestlé which lasted several years. Reportedly threatened with his life, Syed continued to publicize the companies misdealing’s and noncompliance with the World Health Organization’s policies on baby formula promotion. As an employee-at-will, Syed used this to his advantage in collecting evidence against Nestlé before he quit and embarked on exposing the company for contributing to the malnourishment and even death of infants. Nestlé has since attempted to redeem its global stature by independently verifying its compliance with the World Health Organization and founding an independent nutrition institute. While these actions helped heal public opinion, company board members continue to promoter ventures such as the privatization of public water resources, stinting improvements in the public’s opinion once again.
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...n disregarded or circumvented if a country within which they did business wasn’t a member state of the WHO. The first code summarily states that a general consensus and realization exist that poor feeding habits lead to infant malnourishment and death and that advertising and marketing schemes for infant formula only increases the numbers of children affected. Secondly, in Article 5 of the code, a statement directs participating member states to inhibit the direct or indirect supply of formula or associated equipment to mothers and families. The acceptance of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes by members states only further proved that malnutrition in third world countries among infants was due to improper knowledge and training availability to mother’s who supplemented breast feeding with formula, or transitioned to bottle feeding solely.

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