The Health Of The Elderly Population Essays

The Health Of The Elderly Population Essays

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One article stated that over the year’s specialty areas will concentrate on areas that are more cost-effective. These areas would consist of cancer, heart and neuroscience, cogitating the aging of the baby boomers. Care for cardiovascular patients will always be continual because people are still eating fried foods. Oncology services are rising due to patients being diagnosed with cancer. Our communities are seeing an increase of aging within the population and organizations are not set up for this ‘tsunami’ of patients. The service lines that will remain to be widespread are connected to the aging population—cardiovascular, arthritis, and sports injuries, as the baby boomers stay active longer. “The increasing scope of the continuum of care, encompassing an array of settings from home health services to various at-home and alternative living situations, already exemplifies the explosion in creativity for this sector.” Financing and accepting innovative perspectives to make sure they are meeting the needs of the elderly population will be substantial challenges in the upcoming years. The rising application of technological innovation to monitor the individuals’ way of life will as well speed up the adeptness of the population to deal with their limitations and restrictions of functional capacity and to meet their health and social needs. Individual medical care professionals who work specifically with the elderly population and within the long-term care environment will have to adjust to the transforming expectations as the elders lift the bar and they require a greater quality of care and services with more effectiveness and a better environment. The advancement of usage of technology, information systems, enhanced architecture ...

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... information being misplaced or entered in inaccurately, demonstrated, or transmitted, which can cause the loss of information. Health information technology products have mainly been generated and become more concerned with the delivery of care to the patients. “The potential for HIT-induced medical error, harm, or death, has increased significantly (Bowman, 2013).” Health information technology was developed to offer possible resolutions to the issues that are exposed by root cause examination and determination, adding in a mixture of technology that medical doctors and nurses are utilized so they can better communicate with each other such as, electronic medical record, computerized provider order entry, email, and cell phones. On the other hand, there is evidence that reveals that communication technologies will cause more, not fewer, communication problems.

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