Health Issues Of The Fast Food Industry Essay

Health Issues Of The Fast Food Industry Essay

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The overall health of people today has become an abundant issue among many. It is important to eat healthy and to exercise for the good of your body. However, with the fast food industries being cheap and readily at hand, it is easy for a person who lives a fast paced life to get a quick meal. Unfortunately the fast food industries does not only provide a fast meal, but an unhealthy life style. This has created so many different type of health issues. Another issue that is apparent in the community is the cost of fitness centers or weight loss clinics. In today 's society it 's a lose lose situation with unhealthy food being affordable and getting healthy or staying healthy unaffordable for most. With fitness being so, expensive it has made it impossible for people to be able to do so. However there are other ways within the community and at home to maintain an active lifestyle.

After interviewing with Heather Goff a Registered Nurse at Shasta Regional Medical Center, She has taught me more about the complications of an unhealthy diet. Heather is all to familiar with what health concerns are relevant in today society. She obtained her Nursing Degree in June of 2013 and is soon to complete her Bachelors Degree. For the past two years Heather has seen the causes of unhealthy living from people who have been excessively over weight or have chosen the wrong path and gotten themselves involved with drugs, alcohol or other sedatives.

The current trends in fitness and exercise have increased more and more throughout the years. Heather Goff, what current trends do you see in the area of fitness and exercise? Heather has noticed that some of the most popular fitness trends as of today include many different types of runs or races ...

... middle of paper ...

... to get involved and become more physically active. Redding has helped to implement more walking trails and bike trails. We are surrounded by vast amount of outside recreations such as swimming, boating, skiing, and hiking. Heather, what are some of the physical fitness exercise that you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Heather loves to be physically active and adds several activities throughout her days by Mountain Biking, Running 4 to 10 miles, Hiking, Attends her local gym, coaches soccer, and is constantly on the go. Plus with her job she works 12 hour days 3 days a week and is on her feet all the time.

So as you can see there are ways to stay physically fit and stay healthy with out spending a lot of money. Heather was also able to provide useful information on the resources with in the community to stay educated and informed about health related problems.

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