The Health Issues Of Teenage Mothers Essay

The Health Issues Of Teenage Mothers Essay

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Even though Angela did not have any health issues she could have had many different health issues to herself and to her baby. Adam could have been born with low birth weight because teenage mothers are less likely to eat properly. Leading to low birth weight, low birth weight is associated with several infant and childhood disorders and a higher rate of infant mortality. Babies are more likely to have organs that are not fully developed, which can result in complications, such as bleeding in the brain, respiratory distress syndrome, and intestinal problems. Most teenage mother are trying to hide their pregnancies and do not go to seek a doctor’s care during the pregnancy. They are unaware that they need to take daily prenatal multivitamins which are needed to maintain proper nutrition during pregnancy.
Teenage mothers are more likely to smoke cigarettes and use drugs that can cause health issues for the baby. Because most teenage mothers are trying to hide their pregnancies from their parents that do not seek out a doctor’s care that they need to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. In addition to the increased health risk to their unborn child, they can also suffer from many different social and emotional issues. Some of them may include “Developmental and academic problems, to be depressed, to engage in substance abuse and early sexual activity, to engage in gang activity, to be unemployed, and to become adolescent parents themselves”. (Papalia, Feldman, & Martorell, 2015, p. 369) Even though Adam was not born with any health issues he still has to overcome many different social and emotional issues that can plague him though out his entire life.
All of this can lead to many different issues with her brother David. There could ...

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...aughter that got pregnant or a son that got a girl pregnant is not the end of their lives. As long as the parents are supportive and understanding they can still go on to have a full and happy life. You have to be willing to be understanding and help them through it. This will mean a lot of sleepless nights caring for your grandchild. As long as you instill in them the need for a good education and how important it is to finish high school and go on to get a college degree. I can say that if one of my kids ended up with a child in high school I would make certain that they finished high school and went on to get a higher education. With a good support system even a pregnant teen in high school is not the end of the world. I ideally I would want them to wait until they were ready for it but things do happen and you have to deal with it as a family the that you can.

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