Health Issues and Sports Essay

Health Issues and Sports Essay

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Although sometimes tempting, risks can be dangerous.
Wrestling can be dangerous. Last year at a wrestling tournament I was going against someone who I would have had no problem beating. I was actually winning the match before he decided to “shoot” on my leg. He put all his weight on the outside of my leg pressing in and it dislocated my knee. Which in turn stretched tendons in my knee. Unfortunately this happened two weeks before western mass the biggest tournament around here. So I missed all the events in-between my injury and Western Mass. The thing that is the worst is that I was not required to go against the kid I just did it because I wanted to, It was a risk that I took that nothing bad would happen I just wanted another win. Another risk with sports is Health issues. My best friend Marcus at practice one day he wasn’t feeling good at all. He had a stomach ache and just really didn’t want to do anything at all. At the end of practice he was in horrible pain and could barely walk and we rushed him to the hospital. It ended up being his appendix it ruptured. They had to rush him in for immediate surgery and he almost died. He was gone for about a month and he still has to be careful doing physical things. The doctors said that wrestling led to it rupturing. One huge risk with wrestling is mental health. One of my good friends mark always wanted to do the best that he could so he was always trying to make weight and cut down to another class to be better. This made him more lean and had more muscle over fat so I started doing the same thing as him eating barely anything and making weight going a lower class. But then I started feeling horrible all the time and never had any energy and passed out a few times practicing. He...

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...w overloaded you are. My freshman year I was working a lot and then I did sports. This really affected how I was doing in school I would never do my homework because I would go from practice to work and then pass out when I got home. I would fall asleep every day in school and do badly in class because I was sleeping all the time. So I realized that I would need to change the next year and do something different so now I only work one day a week and I have time after practice to do my school work and I now do better in school as well as sports because I get more rest.
So sometimes tempting, risks can be dangerous. You have read about some examples on how they can affect your life as well as others. How they can affect school, work and spots. Usually taking a big risk is not worth it because they usually don’t turn out good. So although tempting it’s not worth it.

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