Health Is Easily Defined As The Absence Of Disease Or Physical Injury Essay

Health Is Easily Defined As The Absence Of Disease Or Physical Injury Essay

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In this essay I am going to investigate whether health is easily defined as the absence of disease or physical injury. According to Health psychology (2009) ‘World Health Organisation defined health as a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. In order to achieve good physical a nutrition diet is needed, healthy BMI, rest and adequate physical exercise is needed.

The different models to health all use different principles. The biomedical model concentrates on the physical and biological aspect of a disease. Doctors and health professionals practice this model. This model is associated with the diagnosis, treatment and cure of the disease. This model evolves as times goes by to improve the treatment patients receive. Improvements have been made in medical science, increase in cures, vaccination, treatments and technology. This model put emphasis on patients being treated separately from their lifestyle. It concentrates on the person 's disease and illness and it attempts to return their health to the way it was before they were ill. This model doesn 't put emphasis on the reason to why the person got ill but to just treat the disease or illness. There are 2 aspect to the biomedical approach one is diagnosis. An individual may get diagnosed from the observation that the doctor makes or the test that he/she might carry out such as blood test, x ray or scans. The other aspect of this approach is intervention. This is the action taken by a health professional in order to improve the clients health, such as by giving them medicine or surgery.

One advantage of this approach is that helps in improving technology that is used such looking at ways in which better or...

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