Health Is A Multidimensional State Of Being Essay example

Health Is A Multidimensional State Of Being Essay example

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The original definition of health was described as a one dimensional state of being. If a person was void of illness or disease, they were declared healthy. We now understand that health is a multidimensional state of being. It is comprised of three major dimensions: physical, emotional, and social. Physical health speaks to what we eat, our activity levels, taking preventative medications, and whether or not we partake in harmful or risky behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse. Our emotional health is encompassed by how well we deal with our emotions, our stress levels, and our happiness. Our social health includes our ability to maintain healthy social relationships, our socioeconomic status, and the part we play within our community. It is imperative that we ensure all areas of our life are balanced for an optimal sense of wellbeing. In recent years, I have done a lot of research about living a healthier life. I have adopted many new practices into my life to ensure that I’m living to the fullest. I have come a long way, but I am a work in progress. I will forever be learning and changing to try to attain the best version of myself.
Diet and exercise go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can’t really have one without the other. You can exercise all you want, but if you have a horrible diet, your efforts will surely be wasted. I used to believe that only overweight people needed to exercise. The truth is everyone needs to exercise regardless of their physical appearance. Exercise benefits our bodies in several ways including weight management, preventing conditions such as heart disease and diabetes mellitus, boosts our mood and energy, reduces risk of certain types of cancer, strengthens the muscles and bones, and ...

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... made a few close friends in my adult life. They make my world feel fuller and brighter. It’s absolutely vital to my mental and emotional health to maintain positive relationships.
Despite the few changes that I have made in my life during the last couple of years, I have yet to perfect my health and wellness. I have developed a love for hiking in place of going to the gym. I have become more conscientious of my food choices and I plan to make a better effort to always choose the healthier option. I never intend to pick up another cigarette in my life. I’m slowly but surely finding better ways to manage my stress. I will be more proactive about treating my asthma as it is a serious condition that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Life is a miraculous phenomenon that we are blessed to experience. If we can’t change the world, we are better off to simply change ourselves.

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