Health Insurance Is Important For A Number Of Reasons Essay

Health Insurance Is Important For A Number Of Reasons Essay

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Maintaining health insurance is important for a number of reasons. No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people seek medical care at some point in their lives. Although health insurance has become a necessity, the rising costs left many Americans uninsured. This placed a burden on our health care system and the well-being of many families. Health insurance under the Affordable Care Act was intended to provide benefits, such as Medicaid to the uninsured, preventive screening to all, and to cease discrimination among applicants; however, the reform did not deliver on promises and created hardships for many more.
Low income families had the most to benefit from the Affordable Care Act. The Act gave states the option to bolster public coverage by expanding the current Medicaid programs. Before the act was passed into law, Medicaid only served children, pregnant women, seniors, and those with disabilities. After the reform, Medicaid became available to any adult whose income fell below the threshold. The Medicaid expansion was vast; however states were given an option to opt out of the program if they could not afford the associated costs. Location became a prime factor in determining the affordability and quality of a health insurance plan available for families that ordinarily could not afford coverage. Nonetheless, low income families that were not able to partake in the Medicaid program could take advantage of the subsidized coverage offered in the marketplace. The subsidies are a form of financial assistance to help minimize the costs required to obtain healthcare by reducing monthly premiums and out of pocket costs. There are varying levels of coverage offered in the marketplace. Families could choose the lowest quality pla...

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...he level of coverage provided to them before the reform were forced to switch plans and pay higher premiums. As well, young adults that do not need extensive health insurance were forced to enroll in a much more expensive policy that included catastrophic services a healthy young adult does not need. The low income families that should have benefited the most were not completely satisfied either. The drastic increase in the number of people enrolled in free services, such as Medicaid, greatly outnumbered the number of doctors available for their plans. The wait times could be as bad as two or more months, and if a person needed immediate service they could be faced with one hundred percent of the costs at an out of network provider. Our country was in need of a health care reform; however, we may be in a more desperate need after our current reform has taken effect.

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