Health Insurance And The Affordable Care Act Essay

Health Insurance And The Affordable Care Act Essay

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Health Care finance, insurance options, distribution of insurance, and how the different types of insurance plans operated in the United States is complex and complicated discussion. United States health care spending, in 2014, increased 5.3 percent which was a 2.9 % increase from 2013 to reach $3.0 trillion or $9,523/per person (CMS 2015). The fastest growth experienced in 2014 was mainly due to the major coverage expansion under the Affordable Care Act, specifically for Medicare and private health insurance (CMS 2015). The distribution of health insurance coverage among the United States population is broken down as follows: 49% are employer-based, 6% are non-group, 19% from Medicaid, 13% from Medicare, 2% are from other public programs, and 10% are uninsured (The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation 2014). Although the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care act will increase the number of insured individuals, there are still some concerns for those who are mandated to participate. The origin of employment-based health insurance exists today to a great extent, due to an unintended result of a temporary tax break from the early 1940s. This tax break became the foundation for United States healthcare. Fully insured health plans is more like a traditional way to structure an employer-sponsored health plan. With a self-insured health plans the employers operate their own health plan as opposed to purchasing a fully-insured plan from an insurance carrier. Health care finance in the United States continues to be challenging, and evolving, and continued efforts to reduce spending and improving healthcare access to all Americans needs to be a top priority.

Health Care finance, insurance options, distribution of insurance, and how ...

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...nt Plan (HRP). Many employers (usually smaller and mid-sized) set up an HRP to reimburse employees for individual health insurance premiums - instead of offering a group health plan (Merhar C. 2016).
In conclusion, health care finance in the United States is complex and controversial subject. The number of uninsured has decreased and the Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection Act improved access to affordable healthcare, but with some significant issues to those mandated to participate. The evolution of the employer-based insurance model and the private and self-funded insurance plans continue to change. Health care finance in the United States continues to be challenging, and evolving, and continued efforts to reduce spending, improving healthcare quality and safety, and access to all Americans needs to be a top priority.

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