Essay about Health Information National Trends Survey 2007

Essay about Health Information National Trends Survey 2007

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The dataset I will be working with will be HINTS 2007, the Health Information National Trends Survey. HINTS produces data regarding the public’s awareness about cancer information, questions and concerns regarding their own personal health, and overall perceptions about available health information from professionals. This data was collected through survey responses from adults 18 years and older through in-person surveys as well as via telephone and the Internet, with the proposed intent of gathering information about difficulties in health communication and to help better understand individuals’ health concerns, particularly with regards to cancer. Much of the information provided and the questions asked within the HINTS survey are subjective and dependent on individual feelings about stress levels, weight perception, concerns about appropriate health information, and personal feelings about cancer, rather than closed, objective questions.
The proposed research question of interest with regard to the HINTS dataset is “Do age or gender determine how likely an individual feels they are at risk for getting cancer?”. I intend to use age and gender as my independent variables, and how likely someone feels about their risks of getting cancer as my dependent variable, to determine if men and women of varying ages feel about their risks of getting cancer. I may also employ the use of a second independent variable, more behavior-based than demographic, in including how individuals felt about the health information they were provided from a health professional – I feel like this extra information may provide more insight into how a person feels about their assumed risks for cancer.
I propose that age and gender will definitely have an ...

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...n those who are younger than 35 – of course, with cancer being a very prominent disease among this age group, we can assume that that large number of both men and women who responded that they may have at least a moderate chance of developing cancer is due largely to the fact that they are getting older and hence must be more concerned with their health issues.

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