Health Factors Of Obesity With The Aims Of Drawing Attention On Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Genetics And

Health Factors Of Obesity With The Aims Of Drawing Attention On Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Genetics And

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This essay focus on health factors of obesity with the aims of drawing attention to Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Genetics and Socio-economics. According to Department of Health (2014) obesity is clinical term which is used to describe excess body fat. Furthermore DOH (2014) stated that obesity is a major public health issue because it is associated with risk factors of number of health problems such as heart diseases, stroke and some cancers. It also leads to other serious conditions such as type2 diabetes (Department of Health, 2014)
“Public health is the science and art of preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting physical health and efficiency through organised community efforts" (Winslow, 1920). Role of the nurses is to provide patient-centred, structured nursing care and promote healthy eating and activity. People need to be encouraged to maintain their own health through eating good diet and integrating exercises in to weekly activities. The nurses have a very important role in helping patients who are overweight or obese to achieve good weight loss results (Royal College of nursing, 2014).
According to Information Centre statistics (2014) estimated NHS costs of treating obesity related illnesses where nearly one billion in 2002 and by 2025 these costs could rise to £5.3 billion. How these costs are worked out are from NHS consultations, medicines and treatment of obesity related illnesses.” In 2002 the House of Commons Select Committee estimated that the total cost of overweight and obesity in England was about £7 billion/year, a figure that had doubled by 2007 and was projected to rise to £50 billion/year by 2050”(Health and Social Care, 2014). The government needs to review the economic burden that obesity brings to ...

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...xcessive caloric intake as fat and it is important to have a practical approach to the investigation and management of these vulnerable patients who have considerably increased morbidity and mortality (Platt & Thompson, 2006). “Although there is no accepted definition for severe or morbid obesity in childhood, a BMI 2.5 is often used in Specialist Centres and the crossing of major growth percentile lines upward is an early indication of risk of severe obesity. Obesity experts now agree that the epidemic of obesity is a public health crisis” (Haslam & James 2005) this Government and successive Governments must act immediately to implement the wide scale, long term, social, educational and environmental policies required to arrest the current public health threat of obesity, in order to safeguard the future health and wealth of the nation (Public Health England, 2014),

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