Essay on Health Data And Its Effects

Essay on Health Data And Its Effects

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In virtually all areas of science data and its analysis play a key role in field cutting across medicine, commerce, government and education (Clare, 2011). The term data can be defined as the collection of existing information or knowledge for experiment and observation (Ceratti, et 'al ,2008). Hoffman (n.d) believes that Medical information can be define as a systematized method for putting away the required information, data and other valid documents with the goal of making simple availability of important data at the period of its demand (Hoffman, n.d.).
Medicinal record includes name of patient, address occupation sex, age, and illness. According to medical data is very importance It helps patients to secure the privilege and adapt treatment. (Colosimo, et 'al 2002). Health data can be used to developed priority, educate, evaluate program and acquired recourses for example the collection of information showed increase rate in cancer, from the data we can see which part of the country have been affected most by cancer and plan our program around these areas (Ceratti, et 'al ,2008).
This literature review will critically evaluate articles journal papers applicable to the topic of medical data, the review will be divided into several stage. the first stage will provide an insight into what medical data is and its importance. the second stage will discuss about open data set. And lastly Date analysis.


Today, medical records are a much more extensive idea than in the past, it was the specialist alone who recorded information According to Colosimo, et 'al (2002) medical record can be define as gathering of patient information concerning his or her wellbeing. BEN () believes medical data can be define as
from ...

... middle of paper ... according to England 2016, there are six potential benefit of open data set in healthcare which are the customer service choice, accountability, efficiency, choice, economic growth and outcomes. According to verhulst et’al (2016) also listed the same potential benefit of using open data in healthcare.
Economic development and innovation: Providing open information that can fuel new healthcare service services organizations and activities. Accountability: The utilization of open data to consider medical service associations and suppliers responsible for treatment results. Customer service: Using open information to teach patients and their families and make social insurance establishments more responsive. Choice: Providing open information to help patients settle on educated decisions from among the medicinal services choices accessible to them.


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