Health Code Violations At Houston Health Department Inspectors Conducted Routine, Unannounced Inspections

Health Code Violations At Houston Health Department Inspectors Conducted Routine, Unannounced Inspections

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The Crooker Cafeteria was found to have seven health code violations in a recent inspection. The City of Houston Health Department inspectors conducted routine, unannounced inspections on Nov. 8.
The Subway on campus was given a clean report, no health code violations were found.
Potentially hazardous food was found in the Crooker Cafe fridge without a marked disposition or prepared date, and food service items were found to not be high enough off the floor to prevent contamination.
The Crooker Cafe was found to be operating without the person in charge having a Food Service Manager 's Certification from the city. Jerry Fashell, a supervisor at the Houston Health Department, noted that, "It is a major violation, and if it 's a repeated violation, it may result in a citation."
The cafeteria also seem to struggle with bad pluming, and were not able to provide pressured water. Fashell explained that, “If the water does not have adequate flushing pressure, that means that it cannot adequately dispel debris...” In other words, things cannot be cleaned without water pressure.
UST contracts campus dinning services to Aramark. Campus Aramark managers said that they have a protocol and questions must be emailed to their media corporate and be approved before they could comment. No comments were received from Aramark despite multiple attempts.
The November inspection report is an improvement from Crooker 's scary health report from earlier this year in May, when the city issued a citation to the Crooker Cafe after finding food not safe for human consumption, insects/rodents, contaminated ice, dirty floors, bad pluming and more. Upon re-inspection about a week after the initial May inspection, the only major violation the he...

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... convince store items.”
Natasha Cedano is one of UST’s many commuter students. She usually eats before she leaves home or she gets food near her home in northwest Houston. She has eaten at the Subway on campus, but not at Crooker Cafe.
While she was pleased with Subway’s recent inspection, she found the cafeteria’s inspection shocking. “I would have liked to go to the cafeteria in the near future, but I just can’t now.”
Alexandra Hatch takes the bus to class, she often walk off campus or takes a bus to go someplace with better and cheaper food than what is available on campus.
She has eaten at the Subway on campus and has bought drinks and chips at Crooker Cafe, but Hatch says she has found dirty cups at the cafeteria before.
Hatch thinks that at UST, “They spend so much time on that lawn, but they’re not cleaning our cafeteria. They need to prioritize better.”

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