Health Challenges Facing Women Today Essay

Health Challenges Facing Women Today Essay

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Women are the care givers and also providers in many families worldwide. Women tend to want a better future for themselves, their children and families. Women are resilient in their aim to better their lives. Many women seek work and educational opportunities in cities and even migrate for their quest. (Meleis 2011, 1). The role of women is changing both in developed and in less-developed countries. The size and structures of populations are evolving and this means new social and health related challenges. The world is becoming more urbanized. Over half of the world’s population is living in cities. The biggest expected population growth will occur in the less-developed countries of Africa, Asia and South-America. At this time the biggest age cohort globally (1.5 billion) is adolescents aged between 12 and 24 years. This represents a possibility for change in those less-developed countries but also a real social challenge which can have global effects. Over recent decades, birth control and schooling have become more reachable for women in less-developed countries. This means that the role of women is shifting from a mother to a worker. This means also new challenges for women’s health and wellbeing. Inequality, women rights and safety in urban areas are an issue. (Levine 2011, 29-30; Meleis 2011, 2)
The women in developed countries on the other hand are facing somewhat different challenges. Population is aging and the ratio of old people is growing fast. This can have an impact on women’s life in several ways, for example; the need for women occupied health care professions is growing but also the demand for the care of one’s own elderly relatives is rising. Immigration of women workers (with or without their families) fro...

... middle of paper ...

...Gregory et al 2012, 2, 56, 70).


Health means different things to different people. But it should mean same goal to gov-ernments worldwide: the best obtainable health for all. World Health Organization (WHO) and its departments (Unicef, UNAIDS, Unifem etc.) play major role in global health politics as leaders and policy makers. Women issue in health is much more than maternal health. Gender plays a significant role in one’s life and health. Women’s needs, challenges and sickness are different from men’s. Globalization and urbanization are new challenges for women’s health. Immigration, urban poorness, work related health, transportation, light-ning, sanitation, unhealthy food and substance abuse are risk to women’s health in urban surroundings. Health policies should be gender mainstreamed in order to take gender in notice and make difference.

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