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Health Care Workers ( Hcw ) Essay

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Health Care workers (HCW) have a duty to do their upmost to protect the general wellbeing of patients. The health of a HCW is the first line of defense when it comes to maintaining public health. Each worker receives special training as to how to deal with a “sick” patient in various situations. However, it is not a law to make the prevention of illness, in the case of vaccines, mandatory. Health care facilities do not always make it a requirement for their employees, who are in contact with patients who are already at a disadvantage to fight of illness, to be vaccinated even against the common influenza. To be truly looking out for the well-being of patients, HCWs have to exercise preventative measures in all areas of life. This would include not only proper hygiene but disease prevention such as with vaccines. If such ones neglect their own well-being how can they be counted upon to up hold the health of others in life threatening situations. Health Care Workers must set the example by taking preventative measures at all cost for the safety of the public in general. This ethical issue truly affects all HCWs and their respective patients.

The Ethical Issue of Mandatory Vaccines for Health Care Professionals
A vaccine is an innocuous agent of a specimen that is introduced into a person to achieve immunity (CDC 2014). Common vaccines would include: Hepatitis, Influenza, MMR, Varicella, and Pneumococcal ( Each of these illnesses can have a detrimental effect on people and society if left uncheck. Through the use of vaccines, the severity and or regular occurrence of these illnesses have been greatly reduced. Clearly the use of vaccines has been effe...

... middle of paper ... the CDC and NCIRD have even noticed and stated the necessity of regular vaccines in preventing illness. Clearly mandatory vaccines for health care workers are a must for the overall health of their patients.

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