Essay on Health Care Workers At The Hospital

Essay on Health Care Workers At The Hospital

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I believe that satisfaction for the patient all stems from the physician being satisfied at his position at the hospital. Physicians first pushed for regulation in the hospitals, so that when they visited each hospital there would be a set of regulations followed, thus no confusion for the physician and health care workers. Now there are additional measures that have been added to help ensure a high quality of care for the patient, which was established by physicians. There are checklists for health care workers to follow, so that everything is being done in a safe and efficient manner. In implementing these safety checklists, it has made the physician feel happier at their position in the hospital. The physician feels that the health care workers are giving effective, timely, and safe care to the patient, thus making the physician feel that they are making a difference in their community. Due to the physicians feeling accomplished, they complement their employees (health care worker) job, thus helping to improve the employees’ demeanor.
The employee feels the most happy when their ...

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