Health Care Within the NHS Essay

Health Care Within the NHS Essay

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‘There is a minimum level of care that every person with diabetes deserves and should expect from their health service’ (DiabetesUK, 2011)
During her time of care, Mrs Kaur will be entitled to regular checks of her cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure. Also her weight, legs, feet, eyes and kidney function should be regularly monitored and help with accessing educational courses and specialist treatments that are available. Mrs Kaur should also be entitled to emotional support, advice on quitting smoking, psychological support and an individual care plan.
Other services that should be made available to Mrs Kaur are free prescriptions, support in managing her condition, access to support groups and the ability to take part in diabetes events such as the ‘living with diabetes day’ event.
There are many risk factors for diabetes which include smoking, low HDL levels, high LDL levels, obesity, impaired glucose tolerance, impaired fasting glycaemia, severe mental health problems, high blood pressure, previous heart attacks or strokes and overweight women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Other risk factors are close family members (parents or siblings) with the same condition, women that have had gestational diabetes and the damage of any blood cells of any major organs.
The reasons behind Mrs Kaur being at risk are firstly, her high level of junk food intake, as this has caused low HDL levels which is mainly caused by smoking, being overweight, poor diets, high carbohydrate diets, lack of physical activity and uncontrolled diabetes; the level of junk food she consumes has also caused her to have problems with her gallbladder which is most likely to be linked to gallstones as it is the most common reason for problems in this...

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...itionist is the consultant nutritionist who is usually in private practice working with patients on an individual level creating meal plans specifically for increasing the patients’ health and losing weight. They also work with sportspeople creating specific meal plans for athletes. Lastly is the management nutritionists that largely work with schools to create healthy meal plans while being responsible for the ordering of all food supplies, keeping track of how all food is prepared and portion control for all meals supplied to students as well as this management nutritionists overseas all meal preparation in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and day care centres. Basically management nutritionists tend to work wherever there are big groups of people i.e. hospitals & nursing homes.

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