The Health Care System Of Italy Essay

The Health Care System Of Italy Essay

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The health care system in Italy compared to the health care system in America is completely different from one another. Italy and America take two completely different approaches to a health care system which is supported by income tax and the private health sector (Glauco). In America the public health system is restricted to Medicare and Medicaid, which in turn means the private health insurance is the main source of health coverage (Glauco). The citizens of Italy pay approximately 50% of their income tax in order to receive free health coverage (Glauco). To some, Italy’s health care system may seem more reasonable. However, the system can become tricky, since the free healthcare is limited to emergency services and general practitioner visits (Glauco). Any specialty doctor visit has a cost as well as some prescriptions (Glauco). Another downfall to the Italian national health system is the extremely long waiting lists for both hospitals and doctor’s office visits (Glauco). If there is a life or death situation, exceptions may be made to avoid these long wait lists, however the quality of these last resort hospitals may not be up to one’s standards (Glauco). Because of these flaws that mislead other countries to believe the national health care system in Italy is fairer, many Italians that can afford private health insurance choose that option (Glauco). Ultimately, this option becomes very comparable to America’s private health coverage plans except the Italians pay twice as much for the same quality of health care as in the United States of America (Glauco). While Italian citizens have an option to choose the national health care system or choose private coverage, most American citizens only have the option of private insuranc...

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...ecessarily indicate greater efficiency, since data distorted by differences in the needs and/or problems with quality (such as LEA guaranteed only on paper) can be hidden in the figures. In essence,spending less because we have a population with fewer needs, or because the quality of service is lower, is not a sign of efficiency.”(Spandonaro) (Bruttomesso).
Although the Italian national health system may have some negative issues, it also in many ways, works very well. For instance, after taking a look at the high life expectancy in Italy or the low infant mortality rate, it becomes evident that the system is mostly successful. It seems that while both systems have guarantees of health care coverage, the factor that matters the most is that every person on earth should have the right to the proper health care necessary to keep all individuals healthy.

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