Health Care System of Finland, United Kingdom, and Ethiopia Essay

Health Care System of Finland, United Kingdom, and Ethiopia Essay

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The aim of health care in Finland is to maintain and improve people's health, wellbeing, work and functional capacity and social security, as well as to reduce health inequalities.
The system is based on preventive health care and well-run, comprehensive health services.

The MSAH (The Ministry of social affairs and health) is responsible for social and health policy and preparing associated legislation. (MSAH, 2013 ) The Finnish health care system has gone through big changes since the Second World War and the whole publicly organized systen has been a success story. Network of maternity and child health clinics were established in te 1940`s and soon after that, a female life expectancy increased almost nine years. (Sitra, 2009.) An excellent way to get pregnant woman to maternity clinics were “maternity boxes”, a great Finnish innovation. Maternity boxes got lots of publicity also abroad, when BBC published news with the title “Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes?” According to reporter Lee, "the box provided mothers with what they needed to look after their baby, but it also helped steer pregnant women into the arms of the doctors and nurses of Finland's nascent welfare state. In the 1930s Finland was a poor country and infant mortality was high - 65 out of 1,000 babies died. But the figures improved rapidly in the decades that followed." I am sure, that big thanks of that belong to maternity boxes. Mika Gissler, a professor at the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki, says, that there exists many reasons for this: expite the maternity boxes, but also national health insurance system, and the central hospital network. (Lee, H. 2013.)

Health services consists of two parts: Primary health care and s...

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...ed to urinating under a full moon. Circumcisio is very common in Ethiopia. It is done to almost every man and 90 % of women. That is a huge healthrisk too. (Hodes, R. 1997.) Cultural issues can cause lots of harm also in European countries, although they are very different comparing to Ethiopias problems. There are living people from all over the world in UK. That is a big challenge for doctors and nurses: language and cultural backgrounds can be very weird. I think that Finland is slowly going to face a same problem: we have lot`s of immigrants, but very often we can`t speak their languages or do not know their cultural habits. In my opinion lifestyle in UK and Finland is quite same and is a significant risk for health: meanwhile when people in Ethiopia are starving, Finns and Brithis are eating junk food and drinking too much alcohol, which are making them sick.

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