Essay about Health Care Services with Different Ethnic Groups

Essay about Health Care Services with Different Ethnic Groups

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According to US Census Bureau, Hispanic is one of largest minority ethnic group in the United States and account for 15.1 % of the population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012). With an increasing number of diverse cultures within the health care system, it is important for health care professionals to cultivate diversity and cultural awareness when caring for peope from different cultures than theirs. Moreover, providing care that is culturally sensitive can result in improved health status for all patients. Clinicians should keep in mind that everyone has his/her own values, beliefs, and assumptions that influence healthcare. In addition, patients from different race, ethnicity, gender, and religion response to health care services differently. Therefore, they should provide individualized care that meet the needs of their patients. Clinicians’ bias and barriers including different languages, cultural communication styles, and health care literary of patients have severe impact on the treatment and care decisions. It is crucial to understand patients’ backgrounds and be aware of their cultures to ensure patient satisfaction and improve treatment outcomes.
A Situation in Which a Nurse Must Navigate an Encounter That Is Affected by My Own Bias
My patient is a middle age Mexican woman. We have the differences culture and language. My personal thinking is different with hers. I think every one in the family has the own right and authority. Wife and husband, sons and daughters, for example, are treated the same way. We listen and follow directions that benefit everyone in the family regardless of gender or authority level. However, gender and family roles play an important part in Mexican culture (Eggenberger, Grassley & Restrepo, 2006). It...

... middle of paper ...

...e treatment. Patient and family verbalize understanding of treatment plan.
Cultural views of patients influence the way they respond to health care services. Undersanding a person’s cultural views is important in the delivery of healthcare and eliminating cultural bias will help clinicians work effectively with patient from different cultural groups. Clinicians can only provide quality care and improve patient outcomes when they can understand their own cultures, beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyle practices as well as patients’ ones. Clinicians face barriers including linguistic differences, cultural lifestyles and beliefs, and healthcare perception of the patients. With proper application of cultural competent, clinicians can better address the patients’ needs and meet their health care goals regardless of the patients’ race, ethnicity, gender, age, etc…

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