Health Care Services For Nursing Homes Essay

Health Care Services For Nursing Homes Essay

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This essay will explain the services, cost, staff qualifications, resident’s right, and abuse and neglect in nursing homes. To determine if families should place their love ones in nursing home facilities.
Families should be very educated about services provided in nursing homes. Individual care plans are developed that involve staff, the resident and resident’s family. Physicians are part of the team doing medications and examinations. Post-stroke patients regain abilities lost with physical occupational therapy, speech consultations, medications, and labs. Individual RN-LPN professional skills major concern balance quality of life and quality of care. Residents are encouraged to be independent and continue their social activity. Adult day care is in a group setting that helps those who cannot stay at home alone. By providing supervised care that is safe and secure, environment services are meals, social interactional activities, and health related services. Assisted living care facilities provided supervision levels of personal care and medical care. The individual cannot live alone, but does not need extensive care.
The estimated cost of a nursing home care is $224 dollars per day. Which would be $6,720 dollars per month. Therefore, it is very important to look for third party coverage. There are several ways of paying for nursing home expenses: private pay, medical assistance (Medicaid/Medicare). Private pay is when the individual self pays and it is important to know the exact daily rate and any additional extra daily charges. With Medicaid there is specific paperwork to be filed out. “To be eligible for Medical Assistance is based on one’s income and assets” (Baltimore County Department of Aging, 2009). Medicare will cover t...

... middle of paper ... by unethical doctors, nurses, hospital personnel or other care providers. Sometimes a caregiver who is abusing the elder will try to explain away any signs or symptoms as the elder’s mental deterioration. You need to look for warning signs. Frequent arguments between the caregiver and the elder can be a sign. Observe for changes in personality or behavior. Look for unexplained injurie, drug overdose, signs of restraint. Is the elder isolated from others and rocking, sucking or mumbling to themselves? The caregiver might neglect the elder by not reporting unusual weight loss, untreated bed sores, or the caregiver can allow the elder to neglect him/herself. Financial exploitation is serious abuse. Observe for significant withdrawals from the elders account, items missing from their homes, or suspicious changes to wills or ATM withdrawal when the elder is bed ridden.

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