Essay about Health Care Reform : The Affordable Care Act

Essay about Health Care Reform : The Affordable Care Act

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What’s lost in the New Health Care reform
The Patients’ Choice Act gives the American people opportunity to choose the health care plan that met the individual health needs. Obama admirations under the Democratic Party felt the need for a different health care reform, The Affordable Care Act (ACA). To justify this health care reform the Democratic Party implied that the health care crisis is caused by the uninsured and that everyone had a right to health care. Under the Patients’ Choice Act the American people keeps their freedom whether to have health care or not, but the ACA has a personal mandate that requires individuals to buy or carry health care insurance or face a fine (tax). To fund ACA will cost more than freedom, it’ll cost the individual and the government more money than The Patients’ Choice Act. The American people need affordable health care but not under government control.
The Patients’ Choice Act was introduced by U.S. congressman Paul Ryan in 2009. Ryan’s plan was to give control to individuals and doctors about health care decisions, not federal government bureaucrats or insurance companies. The Patients’ Choice Act would remove the barriers that separate Americans from high-value health care by enhancing individual purchasing power and creating rational government rules (1). He wanted to create a market that played by the rules and make health care affordable. Ryan believe that the plan would have ensured universal, affordable health care for all Americans, which did not raise taxes or increased government spending.
The health care crisis in the United States according to the ACA is caused by the uninsured citizens. The article, A Creeping Catastrophe, stated by the pol...

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...olutions should be a focus on making health care more affordable (2). Giving incentives to insurance markets and business, so people have convenient and affordable options. Emphasizing on preventive care and incentive for the individual to have healthier life style and lower premiums. Giving the American citizens the responsibility and freedom in participating an active role in lowering health care cost.
The new health care reform has brought on great passion among the American people. Having mandated fines and losing the freedom of choice, under The Affordable Care Act (ACA), that are costly to the individual and the government is not worth the so call health care crisis of the 15 % of the uninsured. The Patients’ Choice Act would have given the American people freedom of choice at a lower cost and the incentives to change the poor health in the country.

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