Health Care Reform: A Necessary Evil Essay

Health Care Reform: A Necessary Evil Essay

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Several years ago, after her company was acquired and her husband retired, Donna Dubinsky is left without an employer that could finance her family’s health insurance. Having thought that getting individual health insurance was easy, she naïvely decided to get her family health insurance. She discussed with the insurance broker for options, filled out a very long application, yet only to find rejection letters came in the mailbox. (Dubinsky) So, why was she denied? Was it because her long lists of ailments? Or was it because of the gambling side of insurance business? Her story represents millions cases that Americans have to face to get health care access, and raises a question: Does it need to be changed?
It does.
What is the problem with our current health care system? The current problem is—not everyone is covered with health insurance—particularly in the present condition, where companies opt to lay off their employees to survive the recession. As a result, millions of Americans are left without jobs, and so without health insurance; yet, even if they were fortunate enough to get health insurance while remaining unemployed—too bad, the outrageously premiums rate would eventually force them to say goodbye to medical access.
Responding to individual health insurance, particularly in some states like New York, New Jersey and Vermont, Robert Bland, chief executive of online insurance broker called claims, “Even young healthy men, who are the cheapest to insure, could be charged as much as $1,000 a month” (qtd in. Bradford). Basically, Bland is showing how expensive that individual health insurance could be.
This unfortunate problem, according to United State’s Institute of Medicine and Harvard University, has ta...

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... three different insurance companies to cover her husband, daughter, and herself. Yet, like many other Americans, she eventually found herself stuck with incredibly high premiums to cover her family.
The laws might still have some flaws, but even Barrack Obama himself, as the president is open for suggestions, so that the bill would sustain the needs of all Americans. Besides, for decades, Barrack Obama’s predecessors acknowledged that something wrong had been going on in our health care system, and they had been trying to fix it.
We must admit, the purpose of the Affordable Care Act is undoubtedly marvelous, and the prognosis seems pretty good. But perhaps, the timing might not be perfect, and so causing so many controversies. According to Donna Dubinsky, and many others who have faced the same kind of problems, health care reform is necessary. What do you think?

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