Health Care Quality And Costs Essay

Health Care Quality And Costs Essay

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Health care quality and costs have been affected by many factors in the last couple of decades. Health information technology is one of the major factors that contributed to the improvement in health care quality and costs. Health information technology does not have one definite product. Health information technology is information technology that is applied to health and healthcare. Health information technology consists of the computers, softwares, and devices that work together to support health information. “The function in a larger sociotechnical system, including hardware and software, working together in an organization that involves people, processes, and workflows” (Kovner, 2015, p. 313). Health information technology is typically refers to electronic health records. Electronic health records can include e-Prescription, computerized physician order entry, clinical decision support, and patient engagement tools. It has completely revolutionized health care exchanges. Doctors in a network are able to access information about patients across providers in different environments in a matter of time. This allows for a more smooth coordinated care. The major goals and achievements of health information technology is improving care, improving the health of the population, and reduced the costs of care. Health care technology has the benefits of completely transforming the way physicians give clinical care, improving the likelihood of standardized care, and bettering the values of treating those who are sick. One major disadvantage of health information technology is the cost of implementing it. It makes physicians question if the investment is really worth it.
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...s becoming more as a market. Providers are forced to find the best way to offer quality care with value. The major factor that has been and will be changing the future of health care is technology. There will be major breakthroughs in medicine and health information technology. Research would lead to better care and better understanding of the risks one may have.
There will be major changes in the next couple of decades in the health care system of the United States. Many factors play into the delivery of care and its future. Health care technology has positively impacted the system. It reduced cost and improved quality. Like everything else in the system, it is expensive and physicians worry about the investment outcomes of it. This course really opened up my eyes to many concepts, statistics, and facts that makes me want to help change the system for the better.

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