Health Care Policies Process

Health Care Policies Process

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Health care policies are plans that intended to determine or influence decisions or actions that will help to achieve specific health care goals. Most of these policies are actions taken by the government to improve the American health care system. The purpose of this essay is to describe the process of how a topic eventually becomes a policy and tie to how the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) policy process. This essay will include the formulation stage, legislative stage, and implementation stage of a complete policy process.
Health Care Policy
Health care policy targets the organization, financing, and delivery of health care services. The reason for targeting these areas is for the licensing of health care professionals and facilities, to make sure there is protection of patients’ private health information, and there are measures of quality care, mistakes, malpractice, and efforts to control of health care cost (Acuff, 2010). There are several stages that one must take when creating a policy (see figure 1). The figure below shows the critical steps in the policy process. First, the problem must be identified, once the problem is identified potential policy solutions must be formulated, then the policy is adopted, and then implemented. After the policy is in place, an evaluation of the policy has to take place (This Nation, 2013).
Figure 1. Critical stages in the policy process

Source: The Public Policy Process, This Nation.
Identifying the Problem
Many problems exists, but for an issue to make it in public policy agenda it has to be a salient issue meaning it has to be an issue that stands out and encountered by a large interest group (Boundless, 2013). An example to this is the ACA, starting 2014 ACA will provide health care coverage to everyone, reduce health costs, and improve quality health. The large interest group in this situation is the millions of Americans.
Formulation Stage
Formulation is the second stage after identifying the problem and setting the agenda. This stage involves the proposal of solutions to the issue. The policy makers propose several courses of actions and solutions to addressing the issue. Then come up with one effective solution that will solve most of the issues (Boundless, 2013).
The purpose of ACA implementation is because many people are uninsured due of various reasons, some of the reasons are financial hardship, pre-existing conditions, and work status. The most effective solution to these issues was to formulate

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a health care reform policy that will provide people with health coverage, strengthen legal protection for consumers, encourage primary and preventative care, encourage primary and preventative care, and require everyone to be covered by health insurance (the New York State Department of Health, 2012).
Legislative Stage
Legislative stage also known as the adoption stage is the stage where final decision are made and policies are adopt by the government for implementation. Health policies require action from the state legislature in order to be put into effect (Boundless, 2013).
The ACA house bill 3962 that was crafted by the U.S. house representatives in November 2009 was introduced and the subcommittee reviewed it after the health reform debate, the senate passed an alternative house bill H.R. 3590 in December 2009. After the passing of the bill President Barack Obama signed it into law (Aetna Inc, 2013).
Implementation Stage
Policy implementation is the next step after adopting a policy. The policies need to be adopted into effect. Policies must be implemented down to the appropriate agency, policies have to be translated correctly into appropriate rules and guidelines, and the resources used to implement the policies must be joined with the coordination of the policy with ongoing operations (Boundless, 2013).
Early implementation of ACA efforts are in effect. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is operating the new insurance marketplaces, where people can buy health coverage. Upon the implementation of the ACA, the marketplace website was launched people experienced technical difficulties with the system performance. HHS is worked to make improvement to the market place and are now able to process applications through enrollment there are no current issues. With the system working and people being able to apply for insurance before the deadline and avoid being liable for a penalty for not having insurance (Rovner, 2013).
Health care policies that target the organizations goals, financing and delivery health care services help achieve specific health care goals. The purpose of this essay was to describe the complete process of how a topic eventually becomes a policy. What was learned was the critical stages in the policy process and the ACA policy process and how it was passed. The first step of making a policy process is to identify the issue and set the agenda, then formulate the issue by finding the solution to it, then the government adopts the issue and putting it into effect by passing it into law, and finally implementing the issue by putting the adopted issue into effect. One must evaluate the policy after implementing it.

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