The Health Care Of The Scarlet Hospital Essay

The Health Care Of The Scarlet Hospital Essay

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Competition is a widely known activity amongst health care marketers. Healthcare organizations are constantly in competition at some level from being the most patient centered to the amount of available specialist within their organization. In all industries Rivers & Glover (2008), competition among businesses has long been encouraged as a mechanism to increase value for patients. In other words, competition ensures the provision of better products and services to satisfy the needs of customers. (Rivers 2008 p.627) Small town healthcare facilities are under more pressure than their larger counterparts to effectively compete in this increasing market.
Scarlet Hospital is a not for profit provider of general medical services located in Walnut Grove in the Mountain region of the U.S. This hospital was the result of a merger between two competing hospitals over a decade ago, and is the largest healthcare provider within a 50 mile radius. Timothy Rogers is the hospital’s CEO and prides himself on running a hospital that emphasizes stellar healthcare. Striving to consistently outdo past efforts has also been an ongoing practice for him as well.
Recently, Scarlet Hospital has faced a potential threat of competition from larger healthcare facilities due to a new interstate under construction. Fortunately, due to Scarlet hospital being such a top notch hospital and their proven track record of maintaining a commitment of quality care for their patients, they should be able to retain their patient base. Scarlett Hospital is a small local hospital which allows them to have reduced wait times in the clinics. Patients are also more likely to schedule an appointment within a reasonable amount of time with a physician or schedule a s...

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...ting efforts towards them to keep their patient base and then expand their market to attract new patients. Scarlet Hospital’s main priority is preventing their current patients from leaving their facility and traveling to Salem to obtain healthcare services.
Healthcare organizations are constantly in competition at some level from being the most patient centered to the amount of specialist within their organization. Scarlet Hospital is located in a small community and is faced with the challenge of competing in the health care marketplace with their larger counterparts. They are now realizing that there will be LV Purcarera et. al (2008), continual changes in the service market, the customer’s needs and preferences, the technology, the sales channels, and delivery methods of products and services. (p. 199) . Changing their marketing strategy will be inevitable.

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