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Health care industry is healing from the recent shortage in qualified professionals. The retention of professionals and overall employee satisfaction has been affected by the recent economical changes. Need for change has been pressured amongst health care managers for almost a decade now. The federal government has predicted, by 2020, retirement will contribute to a shortage of approximately 24,000 doctors and nearly one million nurses. The organizational environment appears to be the focus of the human resource consultants that are providing input in the change. The most challenging aspect of management today in the health care industry is employee satisfaction because retaining qualified professionals has decreased. To survive and be successful in this industry will require flexibility and adaptability. The author intends to help explain how changes in the health care environment necessitate changes in how health care managers actively manage. A move from traditional health care workforce model to the future will likely be positively viewed by staff and the organization, once thoroughly reviewed. It is more frequently being suggested that health care managers are so focused on increased size that they are no longer appropriately serving the employees concerns. Ensuring employees are motivated in these uncertain times are daily challenge for managers. Factors that will help to improve employee satisfaction are acknowledging the possibility of work-family conflict, and improving the work environment. Health care professionals have power to dictate the terms of their employment, and employers are finding that flexibility is central to attracting and retaining quality professionals. The author’s findings are based on experience in ...

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...etention, and offer a more realistic job preview. Research indicates a few ways to successful strategies leading to improving work environment by utilizing employee satisfaction on the job. They are: linking employee satisfaction with patient satisfaction, using fun to increase employee satisfaction and ling employee satisfaction with employee retention. Health care human resource managers will continue to monitor the levels of employee satisfaction within the industry, reduce turnover, through a well planned strategy. Future research should attempt to determine if there is a gender bias in employee satisfaction in the industry. More emphasizes on procedural justice affects on the work environment along with gender specific views. New hires would be attracted to an organization in the industry with a reputation for fairness in work schedules and work life balance.

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