The Health Care Crisis : Is The Source Of The Healthcare Crisis? Essay

The Health Care Crisis : Is The Source Of The Healthcare Crisis? Essay

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In recent discussions of healthcare, a controversial issue has been what is the source of the healthcare crisis. On the one hand, some argue that only capitalism plays a part in the crisis. From this perspective, one can only blame the hospitals for the United States low life expectancy rate. On the other hand, however one can argue that cultural norms and the fact that health care providers are loosing sight of their clients. This essay will address whether the health care crisis is because of capitalism, cultural norms or the disassociation between doctors and clients.
In the documentary, Money and Medicine (2012), we learned that America is facing a health care crisis because over-diagnosis and over treatments (PBS 2012). This turns into over spending and puts capitalism into healthcare. United States spends $8086 for every American, which is twice as much as most developed counties (PBS 2012). The documentary also points out that if the hospitals don’t provide these extra services than the hospital is missing the money that is generated from preforming these services. Thi...

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