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Md Moniruzzaman
ESL 053
Jayni Breaux
Healthcare cost
Health care cost is free to all. Isn’t amazing!!! Health care is more expensive and an important to all. If Government Should be serving free health care, peoples get more involved with Government activities. That’s why, health care should be provided by Government and people will get lots of benefits as access to care, affordable to all, quality, lower cost, easy to provide, fewer bills, and less expensive too. Providing access is the most important issue of health care. There are lots of expectations of health care who pays tax and they don’t want to deny them access to the bill. They want a good provider who serves the patient with fast and easy care. Normally, the clinic is good provider where people get nice service, vaccination, disease prevention etc. Also, the clinic has lots of programs as like outreach program, pro-active program etc. We have to think about our poor people who need a voucher and they can use it until their income rises. Also, they can use the voucher as like as food stamp. We know food stamp is a useable to anywhere. Also, high-risk pools are for people who needs more attention for medical services but their insurance is high. That’s moment government should give subsidy for those people. Medical services need more as right now what they have. In a hospital or clinic should increase the number of nurse and doctor. The government should provide increased the wages for doctor and nurse. Most important thing is government hospital or clinic, people get cheap prices and poor people get involved due to their best service. Government hospital is not only poor people, but also for everyone. That’s why the government should mo...

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...don’t, the premium will change as high or expensive to keep insurance. The government has lots of ways to serve the people about health care, but they can’t do as same private health provider does. Private provider is more expensive than government policy. Overall, the government would face a new responsibility and they need to serve the people by their commitment. It should be a different way or a different service as health care benefits, food stamp, discounted program, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. Sometimes government can do to enhance the quality, keep lower cost of service, and improve the quality.

****American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 2/1/2011, Vol. 68 Issue 3, p191-191. 1/4p.

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