Essay on Health Care At The United States

Essay on Health Care At The United States

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Health Care has been an issue in the United States, for decades the United States health care has been on the rise and will continue to rise. Among, contribute to the high cost of health care is with new technology, which helps assist physician with medical treatment and early detection of health issues. The higher costs are also because the U.S. has been embracing the advantages of information and communications technology in improving the administration of its system and in cutting down on waste. Hence, the contribute to the rise of health care cost which is by raising insurance premiums higher and the cost of health care. Nonetheless, the U.S achieves very well in some of the major health care area, such as, a high rate for screening and survival for different types of cancers and cancer care. With that saying, U.S needs stronger policies in tackling lifestyles that lead to poor health, U.S care is weak compared with other developing countries. Many countries have implemented universal health coverage for years with effective result, compare U.S health care system to both China and Brazil.

First we start by looking at the life expectancy, area that has changed a great deal over the past century. Life expectancy is directly related to health, meaning a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Many people just look at the biological side of health, but health is as much a social as it is biological. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, 2013), “Life expectancy has increased in the United States over the past decades, but less rapidly than in other OECD countries. This is due to gaps in health insurance coverage and proper proportion of the U.S. population”. Life expectanc...

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...e access to affordable health services remains difficult, health services are not of consistent, adequate quality, and essential medicines are not always available or affordable. These conditions are greatly affected by health system governance and coordination, public health financing, health insurance coverage, human resources for health, and health laboratory quality - all of which require strengthening. Effective remedies from traditional Chinese medicine also offer possibilities for wider application and may be further integrated into the health care system.
The United States spends much more on health per capita than most countries, spending $9,146 in 2013 compares to China 646 and Brazil 1,454. Hence, with the high spending in health care you would expect the U.S to have a lower mortality rates and higher life expectancy with the amount of money being spent.

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