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Health Care At Hospice Care Essay

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Unit Overview
Services offered are home health consisting of conditions requiring continuing care and/or treatments what does not require a hospital stay. These services also offer hospice care in which palliative care has been chosen. Hospice care is done in the home in a nursing home setting, because Minot offers hospice care clients to residing in long term are able to receive care from hospice nurses.
If a referral for Home Health or Hospice is needed, services are directed by a physician and a Registered Nurse (RN) performs an initial assessment. At this time a plan of care is determined including a psychosocial evaluation initiated within 5 days. This assessment is done to determine an overall plan consisting of needs and specific interventions/goals.
During my Trinity Home Health/Hospice clinical, we started by gathering and reviewing charts to determine a schedule for our day. Home Health/Hospice employees are assigned to be on call every other weekend, so meetings are held on Friday and Monday mornings, revealing information needed to provide care for the weekend/day.
Services offered are physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, skill services, and social worker involvement. One path to improve the compliance of patient’s care is audits, ensuring documentations are done correctly upon services. This is done by documenting findings at time of services pertaining to the initial assessment established upon the initial admission for services. Accurate and timely charting is promoted by the use of a wireless laptop provided by Trinity Health. If a revision of care is required, documentations must be precise and documented in accurate detail explaining reason for the change.
A Joint Commission Patient Safety g...

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... this clinical is to observe the different types are care that is provided through home health. I would like to be able to see how care is different in the hospice setting compared to the home health setting.

I plan to accomplish is goal by including myself in all the home health and hospice cares possible. I will perform tasks that are asked of me, while remaining professional in my scope of practice.

I was able to accomplish my goal at my home health/hospice clinical. I was able to observe the types of patients that needs care including wound vac changes, dressing changes of fixation devices, assessments of hospice patients. I was also able to see how important the relationship was between the nurse and the patients. I believe that a good relationship doesn’t only improve the patient’s care but encouraged the patient to carry out demands requested by the nurse

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