The Health Care Administrators : An Example Of Healthcare Facility Essay

The Health Care Administrators : An Example Of Healthcare Facility Essay

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This research paper discusses some of the health care administrators’ daily activities that that may turn hazardous to the resources. This has been done in view of a hospital as an example of healthcare facility. The main reason for this is that a hospital is a complex, bustling patient centre and an interdisciplinary workplace for various personnel; yet the responsibility of keeping it running lies with the hospital administrator.
As health care administrators oversee the delivery of the best healthcare services to the patients, they are obligated to be good stewards of the recourses. However, over time it has been observed that the health care administrators do not pay much attention to the impact of some of their activities on the environment, as Palese, Vianello, cassone et al (2014), assert that: There have been a lot of changes in healthcare provision which has rendered the task more difficult and more costly hence the need to look for ways of reducing cost.
The administrators’ daily activities that affect resources
Sourcing energy: one of the duties of the hospital administrator is to ensure proper use of the power that is available to the hospital. The healthcare administrator may fail to ensure environment friendly usage of the power in two main ways. First, the administrator may fail to source the environmentally friendly power even when they are readily available. E.g. the administrator may fail to put into use some natural sources of power e.g. solar systems and bio gas even when they could be available. This mainly comes as a result of lack of enough knowledge on the available better alternatives. The hospital administrators should therefore embrace environment friendly sources of power and have them utiliz...

... middle of paper ... are generated by the hospital should not be left to litter everywhere. Again burning them near residential areas is also not appropriate. The hospital administrator should have measures put into place to ensure that the different waste that is generated by the hospital is properly disposed in an environmentally friendly manner.
Procurement: the hospital administrator is also mandated to undertake procurement of the hospital necessities. The administrator ensures that whatever is needed is availed in good time to ensure smooth running of the institution. In big hospitals, the administrator ensures that the tendering process is properly undertaken. In so doing, the administrator should ensure that nothing that is harmful to the environment is bought. The administrator should work in conjunction with people who have knowledge on environmentally dangerous chemicals

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