Health Care Act Of The United States Essay

Health Care Act Of The United States Essay

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Health care is an important issue in the United States and it is a sensitive topic for many Americans because they do not fully understand how the system works. Therefore, it is important to train certain individuals on the topic and rely on them to take the information and educate others. It has become a great controversy that our society isn’t informed on the new health insurance laws and how they can benefit from the renovated health care system. Furthermore, it is our responsibility has educated professionals in the field of public health to relay the message to small business owners of how the system functions and encourage them to educate their employees.
Prior to the Affordable Care Act, 129 million Americans were being discriminated by insurance companies due to their pre-existing medical conditions. Millions of Americans who suffered from illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, were being removed from their plans when the insurance companies felt they had already paid for many of their expenses. These insurance companies weren’t viewing their customers are patients but as profit or nonprofit investors. The system was called “The individual market” and the insurance premiums were increasing yearly by 15% for people who stayed with their plans for more than a year. Instead of being discounted for being a loyal member of the companies, families were being charged more annually. Many Americans fell in a death spiral, prior to the ACA. Which is when the insurance pool is smaller and sicker, causing the premiums for this insurance to be dangerous high. Any medical changes in the individual’s life would lead to adverse selection, in which the insured was confronted with the probability of coverage loss due to ris...

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...e fourth step is to find a health care provider, especially a provider that is within their health care plan. Next, the individual must be competent in making a doctor’s appointment. The sixth step is to be prepared for your visit, this means that insurance cards must be in your possession and it is recommended to have knowledge of family history before a visit. Next, it is crucial to feel comfortable with the health provider that you choose. Lastly, the individual should know the steps after the appointment. Any prescriptions that were given, should be filled and should be taken as directed. This quick roadmap explains health care coverage and it emphasizes on the importance of preventative services. The working population views health insurance as a necessity when they are sick, but the reality is that it is also helpful to have insurance when you don’t feel sick.

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