Health Campaign for Women Over 40 Essay

Health Campaign for Women Over 40 Essay

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Health campaigns are purposive challenges to inform or influence behaviors and generate outlooks in a large audience. A health campaign can also be a type of media campaign in which encourages public health by making new health contributions available through education and an organized set of communication activates. Organized set of activities have multiple channels generally used to create assistance to individuals and society. Periodically I stumble across health campaigns some of which I disregard and others that grasp my attention and want to know about the matter. For instance, the Inside Knowledge: Get the Facts About Gynecologic Cancer campaign. Understanding that campaigns are purposive attempts to inform or influence, the Inside Knowledge campaign qualifies as health campaign because it informs the intended audience about symptoms, cures, and support for gynecologic cancers. All women are at risk for gynecologic cancers, and risk increases with age. This particular campaign targets women 40 and older, although I am not forty the campaign appealed to a younger audience making the campaign a successful campaign for women 40 and older, and to me as well. The Inside Knowledge campaign can be addressed as a public service campaign encouraging women to pay attention to their bodies to detect the warning signs of gynecologic cancers and seek medical care. When gynecologic cancers are recognized early, treatment is most effective. Being that cancer can develop in the bodies of women each gynecologic cancer is distinctive, with different signs and symptoms, diverse risk factors and different prevention strategies. In developing a concept to educate women of gynecologic cancers multiple channels are needed. Through the Inside Kn...

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...nd can cause a variety of serious health problems if not treated. Health complications that are produced by HPV include genital warts, “cervical cancer” and other serious cancers such vulvar, vaginal, uterine, and ovarian all of which are characteristics of gynecological cancers. Starting with a young target audience will allow young women to be conscious and aware of what can lead to cancer. The saying “one thing leads to another” in this aspect is true, knowing details and what triggers cancer is what all women should to know. Based on the concept of this campaign I have a better understanding of gynecological cancer, the five main types of cancer and the risk factors. Through this campaign I am also able to deliver the message to female family members ensuring every woman in my family are aware of gynecological cancer given through the Inside Knowledge campaign.

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