The Health Benefits Of The Affordable Care Act Essay

The Health Benefits Of The Affordable Care Act Essay

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Mandated healthcare is the state legislators provided regularly that debated and enacted "mandates" or required health coverage for specific treatments, benefits, providers and categories of dependents. The Affordable Care Act established Essential Health Benefits which is more uniform requirement for individual and small group health policies sold inside and outside of health exchanges, begun January 2014 to present. Affordable Care Act has had significant effects in 2010 on existing state mandate laws. Essential health benefits is defined as health treatment and services benefits in the essential healthcare benefits package which is any health plan. The coverages under the essential health benefits defined by the Secretary, and these limits cost-sharing for such coverage in accordance with subsection. Some mandate-style services are assured of coverage in all 50 states under federal law. It works just like commercial health insurance plan that protects insured against the risk of high health care cost by pooling risk for some or all of the insured, but with a lower healthcare costs and provide better healthcare for society as a whole. It also allows parents to add their children up to age 26, so that young, healthy people pay premiums but don 't use the system, adding to health insurance companies ' profits which supposed to make the premiums lower as well as increase medical funds.
The health insurance premium rates have been rising at alarming rates over the past decade due to the rising cost of health care in the U.S. In fact premium rates are rising faster than income which is part of the cause of Americans less access to Affordable Health Insurance. “Traditionally states counted mandate laws to include required categories o...

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...surance-related provisions, 6 in 10 Americans can get covered for $100 or less on the Health Insurance Marketplace, with the average plan costing just $82 after Premium Tax Credits in 2014. Obamacare’s Premium Tax Credits can be paid to your insurer in advance to lower your monthly premium on a Marketplace plan or adjusted on your tax returns. Tax Credits are based on income and available to folks making between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level FPL (between $11,770 to $47,080 for an individual and between $24,250-$97,000 for a family of 4 in 2016) (Obamacare facts 1).” A tax credit can be paid in advanced to your insurer through the Marketplace. This is called an Advanced Premium Tax Credit. The amount paid to the insurer is the difference between your premium cap and the cost of the plan. You’ll see that number reflected when you compare marketplace plans.

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