Essay about The Health Benefits Of Nutrition

Essay about The Health Benefits Of Nutrition

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In one’s lifetime, it is crucial for a person to maintain their health in order to live for a lifetime. In order to maintain that health that every single human body needs, people first need to realize why it is important and how health benefits us in our daily activities. As the World Health Organization puts it, “Better health is central to human happiness and well-being”. Although the body’s health is a combination of multiple factors, it is crucial to maintain all of those aspects, specially nutrition, in order to live a well balanced life.
Nutrition plays a major role in one’s health. The body gets its nutrition or fuel through the kinds of food and drinks someone consumes. Well nourished people, are always alert, awake, and have a very healthy body that can take on many kinds of diseases and challenges. On the other hand, “Poor nutrition can cause behavioral issues, …lower core strength, slower problem solving ability, and less alertness” (Ajmera). The intake of nutrition practically determines the body’s whole life and outcome in the near future. Once the nutrition is healthy, the body becomes independent from various forms of disorders, thus, achieving a longer lifespan. With good nutrition, even when an individual grows old, their body will still be healthy and will be able to withstand life challenges. Nearly one-third of American adults are obese. That obesity rate can drop dramatically if people change what they consume on a daily basis. An average lifestyle has been dedicated to fast-food for every meal throughout the day. As children are growing, they look up to their parents, so the parents of the new generation have to set an example. If a parent consumes fast-food everyday, the child will learn and that will...

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...ntaining a balanced diet in order to prevent breakouts and problems with the skin and hair is crucial. Vitamin C and Vitamin D are the best aids in times of need for hair and skin. Fruits, vegetables, salmon, and tuna are the best sources of the two important vitamins. When it comes to skin and hair, nutrition should be the first aspect looked at to see if it is well maintained. If it is not given enough attention, it is crucial that this fatal mistake changes.
In conclusion, the body depends on the intake of food to survive. Whether that is healthy or unhealthy determines how long and how satisfied the individual lives their life. The healthier the individual eats, the less chance they have of becoming obese and the healthier and more nourished their bones, skin, and hair becomes. People need to realize how nutrition plays such a key role in their bodies and lives.

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