Health Benefits Of Milk And Dairy Essay

Health Benefits Of Milk And Dairy Essay

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There is much controversy over whether or not milk and dairy is truly as important as we believed many years ago. Some studies believe that incorporating milk and dairy to one’s diet with lead to stronger bones, while other studies claim there is links to cancer and even osteoporosis. The articles read were examined to be either for or against the consumption of milk and dairy and why their specific ideology was correct.
In the article, Health Benefits of Milk and Dairy by the Dairy Council of California, who are innovators in nutrition education and the dairy industry’s contribution to community health, it goes on to talk about the reasons why dairy is important in life. The Dairy Council is a credible resource on this topic because their staff includes registered dietitians, nutrition, education and communication experts. The purpose is to explain why milk is important in one 's diet and to explain the health benefits of milk and dairy. The site is not balanced because it is geared toward a bias for the side of milk and dairy being healthy. Although there is no specific advertising, the article mentions to consume milk, yogurt and cheese in order to get proper amounts of calcium and vitamin D. The site provides accurate information that can be verified by the sources that were posted below the article.

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The article, Frightening facts about Milk is written by Thomas Campbell. Campbell is the medical director of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Thomas Campbell is a credible resource on the topic because he not only is a medical director, but also works with patients to optimize health and prevent illness using smart nutrition and lifestyle choices. Additionally, Campbell is also the co-author of two b...

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...ccording to the article, having the recommended three servings of dairy a day can lead to improved bone health. The article, Frightening facts about Milk concludes that high dairy intake has been linked to many ailments, including ovarian and prostate cancer, high cholesterol and type 1 diabetes. Lastly, in the article, Calcium: What’s Best for your Bones and Health, it goes in depth on calcium, which helps build and maintain bones and teeth, osteoporosis, which is weak bones, and ways to obtain calcium through milk and other sources. In the article, Milk has benefits, but issues for some, by Vince Faust, the author lists the importance of obtaining calcium but milk is not the only way of achieving proper levels. Protecting bones is important and although milk may not be a viable option for some, it is a good source of calcium, complete protein and riboflavin (Faust).

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