Essay about Health Benefits of Massage

Essay about Health Benefits of Massage

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This essay will review the effects of pre and post massage on Delayed onset muscle soreness. The online databases that were used include Science direct, Google scholar, sports discus. The key words that were used in this review were pre-massage, post massage and delayed onset muscle soreness. There is a very limited amount of high quality studies indicating the effects of massage and the effects it may have on delayed onset muscle soreness. The aim of this review is to look at factors influencing the effectiveness of massage on delayed onset muscle soreness. Throughout the review the history of massage, what massage is and it benefits will be discussed according to current research. Delayed onset muscle soreness will also be explained and ways of combating it will be discussed. What is required within future research will also be highlighted.

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment in the world. It was first described in China within the second century B.C then Egypt and India. In 400 B.C Hippocrates describes medicine as ‘the art of rubbing’. Having disappeared from the American medical scene in the 1940’s it is now considered as an ‘alternative’ therapy (Field, 1998). The practise of massage continued as a folk medicine during the middle ages and was looked upon as separate to scientific and medical malieu, thus it fell out of association within the medical establishment (Frits, 2000). Johann Mezger reintroduced massage back into to scientific community presenting it as a medical treatment. Some of his terms are still in use (Slavo 1999). Massage therapy continues to grow in the scientific community. In the USA massage is one of the fastest growing alternative medical therapy. Between 1990 and 1997 t...

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