Essay about The Health Benefits of Ginger and Garlic

Essay about The Health Benefits of Ginger and Garlic

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Food use to be a part of treatment in some cultures. Some kind of food have a majority of vitamins like vitamin C, B, and Omega3 which support the human body. Also it can fight disease or prevent it from developing such cancer cells. This essay will explain how Ginger and Garlic improve our health.

Ginger maintain our health in several ways. First of all ginger balance our internal body energies. For example, according to the Ayurvedic medicine ginger can find the diffrenciat the colds and the hears inside the body (real women's fitness 2006-2008). As a result of this balancing the body internal energy (real women's fitness 2006-2008). Secondly minimize the cause of sickness. For instance, the science has found that ginger is efficient for many types of nausea as well as upset tummy (real woman's fitness 2006-2008). Furthermore, the monks says that ginger is admirable for treating your stomach (real women's fitness 2006-2008). Finally the benefits of ginger for healthy heart and body. For example, ginger has proved it efficiency to cure and thin the blood (real women's fitness 200...

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