Essay on Health and Wellbeing

Essay on Health and Wellbeing

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In society today, there is an extensive range of definitions of health and wellbeing which can be seen as both positive and negative. A Holistic view can also be identified and defined. These definitions of health have changed over time and will carry on changing within the future. According to where a family lives or their social class everyone will have different meanings and views of health and wellbeing. This may be due to what one person perceives as being healthy as another person may not. Channel 4 learning (no date) describes that a positive view of health can be seen as when a person is more likely to achieve and sustain physical fitness from exercising and are mentally stable. Therefor a negative view can be described when a person is free from illness, disease, mental distress or anything which may be a symptom of not having good health. The holistic view of health sees the person as a whole instead of just directing at one area and therefore combines physical, social, intellectual and emotional factors together. Consequently, if a person has emotional difficulties such as how they interact with other people or how they may feel but are physically fit and free from illness does not mean that they are healthy overall as one factor has difficulties. It is also vital to consider the two main theoretical concepts known as the medical and social model of health. Polity books (no date) describes that the medical model views health in terms of disease, diagnosis and then treatment and very much views a body to be separate from psychological processes. Causes of ill-health within the body are seen to require expert interference from a doctor to provide treatment to prevent or kill of an illness within the body. The Social model...

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...all these definitions define health and wellbeing in either positive, negative or take a holistic approach. There are many different criticisms regarding definitions. Although, it is vital to remember that these definitions have changed throughout the years and will carry on changing within the future regarding what people believe to be healthy. As established throughout this essay, there is a wide range of genetic, social and environmental factors which influence the health and wellbeing of children regarding the area or district which they live in both positively and negatively which have been analysed within this essay in depth. Factors such as the quality of housing in the area which they live, the availability and location of quality services and the type of people which live in that area and the influences which they have on others have been greatly analysed.

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