Essay on Health And Wellbeing : A Complementary Holistic Therapy

Essay on Health And Wellbeing : A Complementary Holistic Therapy

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Health and wellbeing is an essential factor in our lives. Reflexology, a complementary holistic therapy, has its part to play in promoting health and wellbeing in an individual (Stormer, 2010). It follows the theory that there is a map of the body on the soles of the feet and that when massaging areas called reflexes this can produce a change and healing in another part of the body. Stormer describes its effectiveness as coming from knowing how perfectly feet reflect the physical body in miniature. The ears, face, hands and lower legs can also be used (www.aor, 2015). The therapy is carried out on bare feet and is conducive to being practised in various settings such as a client’s own home (Stone 2011). Usually the therapist will work on the whole foot and then target specific areas that need special attention (Wright, 2008).
The main objective of reflexology is to help the body to achieve equilibrium and stimulate a sense of wellbeing. It can help improve a person’s quality of life and enable them to cope better with symptoms. A client may find an improvement in their mood as well as an enhanced sense of general wellbeing.
“The chief outcome of reflexology is to relax the body in order to improve the flow of blood, nerve impulses, and bioelectrical energy throughout the body to allow the body to normalise, balance, and heal itself” (Stone, 2011, p. 16).
Gains will be individual but the general view is that it can help lessen stress and tension and promote relaxation. Reflexology is tailored to the individual where the practitioner looks at the person as a whole. Lifestyle and environmental factors are also considered. (www.aor, 2015) Reflexology can be us...

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... and she is considered by some to be the pioneer of reflexology in Britain today.
Today reflexology is expanding worldwide and is endorsed as an accepted profession by the governments of China and South Africa. In Scandinavia reflexology is very popular, being funded by the government in Denmark. Approaches differ considerably as in China practitioners use implements to push and probe the reflexes. Treatment can be painful and no contraindication list is given to the client. In Japan salons are very professional and the therapist uses her knuckles on the feet. However you are read a contraindications list. In Germany no physical contact is made as the therapist places her hands as near to the feet without touching. Hungary has a state organised exam whilst in Russia reflexology is illegal and not familiar to the general public.

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