Essay on Health And Social Risks Of Obesity

Essay on Health And Social Risks Of Obesity

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The American people should put more effort into avoiding unhealthy and costly lifestyles by exercising more, eating healthier, and becoming more educated on the problems of obesity and how can avoid it.
At the youngest of ages obesity can start and set children up for serious health and social problems in the course of their life. Type two diabetes, bullying, high cholesterol, and insecurity are just some of the common health and social risks. Overweight children are more incline to be stressed and more unconfident compare to a child who is at normal weight. These children are judged and harassed by their peers, but in some cases, it’s not completely the child’s fault. Being overweight can be caused by many different reasons. For instance it may be in the child’s genetics. According to Harvard medical schools “Why People Become Overweight” A 2006 report in Science that studied more than 900 people showed that those who have two copies of a specific gene variant (called Insig-2) were 22% more likely to have a BMI higher than 30. This means 22% of our society is more likely to have 15% more body fat than the healthy zone. Genetics is not the only factor. Influence also plays a big role in childhood obesity. For example if a child has two obese parents, there is an 80% chance that they child will be obese. Sometimes it may be the child who wants to spend too much time inside wasting away in front of the television, playing video games, or spending time on the computer, while consuming high saturated fats snacks and soft drinks (Weight Management). The CDC preformed a study in 1994 which was described in the book “Fat Land”; it showed that children who watched television for more than four hours a day had a higher body mass index (b...

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... physical activity each week. Children should get even more, at least one hour a day. There has been a lot of debating among researches on how much time should be spent exercising to maintain a healthy weight, but the researchers have come to conclusion that 2 hours isn’t enough. An adult that is considered obese is at 30% body mass index, and some may think oh it’s too hard to lose the weight or I’m too big already. It’s not hard and it’s never too late. It is as simple as walking for an hour every day, and just eating a little less. As time passes instead of walking an hour a day, it will become running two hours a day. A little into the exercising and people will begin to see results like, sleeping better, a metabolic increase (amount of calories burned in 24 hours) which then turns into fat loss, better lung and heart function, and a better sense of self-control.

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