Essay on Health And Social Care Practice

Essay on Health And Social Care Practice

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1.1 Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice
Firstly, Principles of support are very important and have to be applied in order to ensure that individuals are adequately cared for within the health and social care practice.
According to (Oxford Dictionary, 2013).Principal of practice can be described as fundamental truth which influences individuals’ behaviour towards others. Moreover, Principles can also be defined as rules and regulations or codes of conduct that health and social care professionals have to comply with in order to deliver an excellence care service to service users.
In health and social care settings there are Principles of support that are to be applied in order to ensure that all individuals are well cared for but some of the most important are: Promoting Anti-discriminating practice, promoting Anti-discriminating practice, Promoting and supporting individuals’ rights, Promoting and supporting individuals’ beliefs and identities, Confidentiality and Promoting effective communication.
Confidentiality is very important in health and social care, it can be described as a human right because its protect clients private information from being shared with strangers. The Data Protection Act 1998 was created in order govern the processing of information that identifies living individuals. Processing includes holding, obtaining, recording, using and disclosing of information and the Act applies to all forms of media, including paper and electronic (NMC, 2012).
For instance, nobody would want their records available to anyone who is not involved in their care plan. Professionals have to knowledge that each patient differ fro...

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...ilies do not have to give the same Information to various professionals, coordinating the provision of care and improving the sharing of information among professionals. Other benefits include creativity in service provision, job satisfaction, speed, accuracy and safe delivery of care, reduction in errors and minimising of risks.
However, there are formidable barriers militating against effective and successful implementation of inter-professional working such as ideological differences, differences in work culture and ethics a well as lack of clarity about roles. Nevertheless the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. At Caremark service users benefit immensely from inter-professional partnership among support workers, resettlement officers, specialists in alcohol and drug misuse, life coaches, mental health workers, probate officers and GPs.

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