Health And Overall Well Being Of All Animals Essay

Health And Overall Well Being Of All Animals Essay

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Veterinarians are remarkably important for the health and overall well being of all animals (Cohn). Veterinary practices involve high paying jobs that positively help change the fate of ill animals and create a better life for them altogether (Moore). While this career significantly helps benefit both animals and their caregivers, there are many individuals who believe that there are far more consequences than benefits for the veterinarian alone. Skin diseases are unfortunate illness that many veterinarians experience, primarily caused by their practices (Bulcke). A second negative aspect of this field is the constant competition endured while becoming a vet, and during the career itself (Moore). Frequent stress is an unpleasant downfall that has an enormous impact on these doctors lives, both inside and outside of work (Villarroel). While veterinarians experience a few negative aspects caused by their careers, their work is irreplaceably beneficial to the world, by saving helping animals and the world.

One constant concern involved in this practice, is the health of each veterinarian. Skin diseases are unfortunately common among these individuals, mostly in the hands and forearms (Bulcke). For example, in D.M. Bulcke’s research, he reported that dermatoses was found in fifty eight veterinarians within a small time frame of only a few years. Most of these individuals were experiencing chronic symptoms, and had to take time off from work (Bulcke). The same career that they were taking a break from, was the cause of their illness. Taking a break from this profession can also have consequences, due to the vast amounts of competition within each practice.

Without a doubt, becoming a veterinarian is a long process that comes wit...

... middle of paper ...

...rking with a wide variety of animals daily, leads this profession to be remarkably intriguing and full of frequent surprises.

In addition, the veterinary field has many benefits and a few aspects that some people will not be fond of. This career may lead to an unpleasant skin disease and may be incredibly tiring. However, while practicing these skills, these individuals are treating and saving lives of countless amounts of animals. Their hard work can ensure the steadiness of our food supply, along with the health of each animal within those corporations. Some veterinarians may feel overwhelmed with stress, but above all, they are successful and talented doctors. Caregivers of animals are unbelievably grateful for veterinary services, along with each ill animal. Furthermore, veterinarians are needed professionals that live an incredibly helpful life to the world.

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