Health And Nutrition Inspection Survey Essay

Health And Nutrition Inspection Survey Essay

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From the 1999 to 2000 national health and nutrition inspection survey specifies that an extraordinary 64% of U.S. adults are either overweight or obese (last name, year). This is disturbing given that obesity has been shown to indorse many chronic disease, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and several types of cancer.

Obese adults 18 to 65 years of age have 36% higher average annual medical expenditures comparison to normal adults (last name, year). Obesity is as much a mental as a physical problem. Psychological issues can not only indicate the progress of obesity, but they can also shadow ongoing challenges to control weight. The mental phases of obesity are so significant, that psychological evaluations and interventions have become an essential part to treating obesity.

The basis of eating disorder and obesity usually lies in combination of psychosocial, environmental, and genetic or biological features. Individuals who suffer from psychological disorder as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. May have more difficulty controlling their consumption of food, exercising an adequate amount, and maintaining health weight.

Food is often used as a coping mechanism by those with weight problems, particularly when they are sad, anxious, stressed. Lonely, frustrated. In many obese individual there appears to be a perpetual cycle of mood disturbance, overeating, and weight gain. When they feel distressed they turn to food to help cope, and though cause a dysphonic mood due to their inability to control their stress and problematic eating behavior such as “mindless eating, “weight gain, when they feel distressed, they turn to food to help cope, and though cause a dysphric mood due to their inability to control their ...

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... activity, improving diet, and improving or maintaining weight – related outcomes. Evidence includes studies of intention that focuses only on reducing recreational sedentary behavioral interventions that aim to reduce recreational (i.e. neither school related nor work related) sedentary screen time teach behavioral self- management skills to initiate or maintain change
Behavioral screen time intervention are classified into two types
1. Screen time only intervention only focuses on reducing recreational sedentary screen time
2. Screen time plus interventions focuses on reducing recreational sedentary screen time and increasing physical activity and or improving diet.
Screen time include one or more additional components, use of an electronic monitoring device to limit screen time , TV turn off challenge, screen time contingent on physical activity , or small media.

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