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Heading to China Essay

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It was a warm summer night, and Eric and his family were planning on going out for dinner. They were headed to his favorite restaurant, Chinatown, and there he planned to eat his favorite food, dumplings.
After about five minutes in the car, Eric asked his parents, “Are we there yet?”
“No Eric. I know you’re excited but you’ll just have to wait another few minutes until we get there.” his Mom said.
Everyone else was excited for dinner as well, but they seemed to be acting a bit differently. His parents and his brother, Eddie, were more quiet than usual. Eric just figured that they were hungry and moved on.

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Going out for Chinese food always gave Eric a bittersweet feeling. While he loved the dumplings, the fortune cookies and the tea, it brought him back to the times he had gone to China on vacation in the past. He had been twice, and had fun each time, but his family was supposed to go during the summer, and they had to cancel their trip.
The Lis got to Chinatown, got a table and sat. When they sat down, Eric’s Dad said that he had something to tell Eric.
“Eric, we’ve been trying to keep this a secret from you, but now is the time to tell you. Early Tomorrow morning, we’re getting on a big plane, and going to China!”

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Eric was so excited that he didn’t even know what to say. He got up, hugged both of his parents, and spent the entire time at Chinatown thrilled about the trip he was taking the next day. In fact, his mind was so stuck on how excited he was that he was going to China, he forgot to take the fortune out of his cookie, and accidentally ate the small piece of paper.
Eric’s alarm woke him up the next morning, and it was so early that it was still dark outside. As he was walking out of his room to ...

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After a nice lunch of dumplings, and a delicious dessert of chocolate cake, he watched an episode of Bill Nye. After enjoying an episode of his favorite show, Eric fell asleep, since he knew that if he was tired the next day in China he wouldn’t have been able to have as much fun.

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When he woke up, it was dark out.
“Are we there yet?” Eric asked his dad. He had his mouth open ready to answer, but just as he was about to, a flight attendant came on the intercom to say that the plane was landing in an hour.
Eric and Eddie looked at each other, and smiled. They were both looking forward to spending time with their family in China, doing whatever they want, and of course, eating dumplings, which Eddie liked too.
Eventually after even more waiting, the plane touched the ground, and Eric was excited for another one of the best vacations of his life.

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