Head to Head: A World of Computers Essay

Head to Head: A World of Computers Essay

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Head to Head: A World of Computers
The world has come a long way with its development of technology. Day-by-day the people who are using and relying on technology have dramatically increased. But out of all these new technologies, the computer is probably one of the most important, if not the most. And two operating systems have been competing with each other from the beginning. These two companies are Apple with their Mac and Microsoft with their Windows PC. Although both Apple and Microsoft have created great machines they differ when it comes down to price, design and operating system, and popularity.
There is no question that when talking about computers the word price always comes up. Macs are known to not be the cheapest computer out on the market starting off around $900 US dollars. This can be associated with Apple manufacturing there own products and software which eliminates the benefit of buy cheaper parts from other manufactures but it also provides apple the chance to make there product the highest quality and provide the best performance possible out of there products. On the other hand Microsoft’s PCs, although built by several companies such as: HP, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Dell, etc, have always been on the cheaper side of things. The PC offers a different prices on there computers based on the brand and the part inside of it. Both Mac and PC can be upgraded with higher quality of performance parts but at the same time this increase its price. When talking about Mac and PC, price is not the only thing that varies in them.
At the moment that people are deciding to buy a computer the design of it plays a huge factor in there decision. The PC has always had a box like design structure tied down to it. Although they h...

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... in the educative, journalistic, and creative development, the PC has been very popular around business and the PC gaming community. Like said before the windows operating system has been around for many years and it is all around the globe, which mean that it is accessible almost everywhere, making it great from businesses. Plus PC a generally cheaper than Mac and for a business that its going to buy several hundreds or maybe even thousands its much cheaper to get them all running with Microsoft’s operating system. Another factors that plays into the popularity of PC is its vast library of games that are available and are optimize for the PC. Compared to Mac the PC has a wider selection of games and can be upgraded for the best gaming experience possible. And with the rise of the gaming community in the past couple of years the PC has gained many possible buyers.

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